A Lesson in Respect

A poem for the modern day cat caller


This path I walk with great stride
And yet you do not stand aside
No matter the day or the weather
You seem drawn by a tether
Shouting obscenities
Shaming my essence
I pass you by
My head held high
I am no sweetheart
I shall not smile for you
I wear a skirt, maybe heels, even so
It gives you no pass to call me a ho
Your words affect me not
But your tone feels red hot
A woman I am, yes that’s true
But I give no shits, get the clue?
Treat me like a person
Not a piece of meat
For as a woman
I should have freedom on the street
So give me the peace to do my own thing
Otherwise my opinion I will soon sing
I desire respect and compassion
But your comments ignite my passion
Women’s voices need to be heard
Seriously, it’s quite absurd


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