4 hours in Cusco

Spent a couple hours walking around Cusco today before work and I had so much fun checking out the sights!

Walked around the Plaza de Armas and got some sun. This stray dog kept following us around, so we allowed him to be in my photo.

Took a tour of the  Museo de Inka.

It was such a beautiful museum filled with ancient artifacts dating over 800 years ago. This city is so rich in culture!

My roommate and I got dressed up in traditional Peruvian clothing in Asunta’s shop. Check her out for all the best deals and she even gives you free gifts!

Ate some delicious empanadas at La Valeriana which looks out over the beautiful church.

The church doors here are all very big!

Took a walk back to our homestay which is in the beautiful Wanchaq!

Finally, got a great jugo at the store near our house. Gotta relax a bit before we see the kids!

This is the view I’m looking at while I enjoy my jugo. It’s pretty incredible!

Stay tuned for more!


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