Annie Lennox Fighting the AIDS Epidemic One Song at a Time

In case you’re unfamiliar with the amazing Annie Lennox, or simply need to chill for five minutes, watch her “Walking on Broken Glass” music video HERE


In 2003 Nelson Mandela spoke about the increasing African HIV epidemic, inspiring Annie Lennox to help change the statistics. In Africa, women and children are frontline victims to this terrible sickness.

In 2007, she founded the SING campaign. Her advocacy raises awareness all over the world providing financial support for organizations in need of relief. She raises money through performances and her website,


Over the next few years Annie is determined to create a world free of AIDS. She hopes to create treatment and care for children with HIV.

HIV in children is now recognized by the Drugs for Neglected Disease Initiative as one of the neglected diseases that affect the poorest of the poor – diseases that offer little financial incentive for research and development. Infants and children with HIV urgently need better, affordable treatment.

She also hopes to raise awareness to help empower young women to inform them about the dangers of HIV/AIDS.



Watch her inspiring performance of “Sing” and get inspired!


Sing, my sista’s, SING!


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