Reykjavik Street Art


One of my favorite memories walking around Downtown Reykjavik this past March was checking out all the really cool street art.  It seemed like there was something new to look at on every corner. I even had the incredible sighting of three young boys creating a new piece on the side of a building. I’ve never witnessed anyone use spray paint live and I quietly watched from a distance–It was fascinating! I’ve grown up thinking that all graffiti was only created by common vandals, but as I’ve traveled the world a bit, I noticed the different between street art and graffiti. Graffiti, to me, usually consists of someone spray painting a word or letters in some bubble form. “Tagging” as they call it, is often associated with gangs, which creates a pretty bad rep. However, it seems that “street art” is a little different, especially with the evolution of modern art. Artists are going beyond tagging and creating visual images that stimulate the brain. They tell stories and different artists will weave their work with other’s. It creates a sense of community through self expression…all pretty cool stuff to me!



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