Mindy Kaling: Awkward, Funny, and all around bad ass


I laughed, I cried, but mostly, I laughed. Comedian, actress, and entrepreneur, Mindy Kaling has done it again! Her newest book,”Why Not Me?” hilariously depicts anyone who’s ever tried to be different or simply try to date in this era.

I’ve been an avid fan of her show, The Mindy Project, so I was excited to read more of her work.  Her writing is so honest and I really feel like she is spilling her feelings on to each page.  Mindy focuses on how Hollywood can cramp your style and being different is often difficult.  I mean, look at Hollywood starlets today.  How many of them are curvy and/or Indian? Not many.  Mindy breaks stereotypes and has gone on to create an enterprise educatining and empowering women to embrace their beautiful bodies.

The book is sectioned off in 4 parts: For the Ladies; Take this Job and Love it; Love, Dating, and Boys Who Ru(I)n the World; and All the Opinions You’ll Ever Need. Each section is dedicated to all things Mindy: beauty tips, dating advice, career advice, and female empowerment.


So how does this book stand out from all the other celebrity memoirs?

Well, for starters, this is her second book, so if you want to read her autobiography, read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).  This book focuses more on the anxieties of “Hollywood Galmour” and how to deal with turning points in career and lives.

I love that Mindy uses funny moments, like meeting Bradley Cooper for the first time, to help young women feel like it’s okay to be weird and embarass yourself. Her dating stories are relatable, and though I’ve never dated a White House staffer, I find myself connecting with her experiences and laid back personality. It’s great to see a celebrity using their fame as a way to empower people, rather than just be famous.





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