I Am Malala: A Story about hope, fear and overcoming adversities


Have you ever felt so connected to someone you’ve never even met?  Upon reading the first few pages, I got such an incredible sense of who this girl was: firey, passionate, caring, family oriented.  I AM Malala is the incredible story of a Pakistani girl who was targeted and shot down by the Taliban on her way home from school and used that experience to stand up for women and education all over the world.  Malala inspires you to believe in the power of change and those who stand up against all odds and fight for what they believe in.

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”


Instead of giving in to the fear, Malala used her recovery to inspire young girls all over the world to fight for their education.  Her journey has taken her to different countries, including the USA and even a stop at the United Nations, where she’s spoken to political leaders trying to work with them to create change in education.  Two years after her nearly fatal shooting, Malala received a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts, becoming an young advocate for girls’ education.  Now at 18, Malala is able to apply to colleges and receive the well-rounded education she has fought tirelessly for.

“Who is Malala?  I am Malala and this is my story.”

The Yousafazi family

I was first inspired by Malala’s story when I heard her Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in 2014.  I remember hanging on every brave word, she thanked her doctors and nurses and spoke about what it means to stand up for education.  Malala has done more for her country, her people, and all women at such a young age, I admire her efforts and encourage all women to read her story.

“So here I stand…. one girl among many.

I speak – not for myself,

but for all girls and boys.

I raise up my voice – not so that I can shout,

but so that those without a voice

can be heard.”

To continue to follow Malala’s story, download I Am Malala on Kindle, iBooks or purchase at Barnes & Noble.
Last October the “I Am Malala” Documentary premiered worldwide, inspiring everyone to hear her story.  Read, watch, get inspired and get informed.

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